Et maintenant on va où? (Where Do We Go Now?)


Running Time: 110 min

Nadine Labaki

Nadine Labaki
Rodney El Haddad
Bassam Habib
Jihad Hojeily
Thomas Bidegain (collaboration)

Anne-Dominique Toussaint

Director of Photography:
Christophe Offenstein

Executive Producers:
Abla Khoury
Lara Chekerdjian

Véronique Lange

Romain Le Grand
Hesham Abdelkhalek
Tarek Ben Ammar

Abla Khoury

Production Design:
Cynthia Zahar

Costume Design:
Caroline Labaki

Sound Engineer:
Michel Casang

Khaled Mouzannar

Tania Saleh


Nadine Labaki – Amale
Claude Baz Moussawbaa – Takla
Layla Hakim – Afaf
Yvonne Maalouf – Yvonne
Antoinette Noufaily – Saydeh
Julian Farhat – Rabih
Ali Haidar – Roukoz
Kevin Abboud – Nassim
Petra Saghbini – Rita
Mostafa Al Sakka – Hammoudi
Sasseen Kawzally – Issam
Caroline Labaki – Aïda
Anjo Rihane – Fatmeh
Mohammad Akil – Abou Ahmad
Gisèle Smeden – Gisèle


Set in a remote village where the church and the mosque stand side by side, Et maintenant on va où? follows the antics of the town’s women to keep their blowhard men from starting a religious war. Women heartsick over sons, husbands and fathers lost to previous flare-ups unite to distract their men with clever ruses, from faking a miracle to hiring a troop of Ukrainian strippers.

Festivals and Awards

Cannes Film Festival 2011 – Un Certain Regard Official Selection
Cannes Film Festival 2011 – Prix François Chalais
36th Toronto International Film Festival – People’s Choice Award
San Sebastian Film Festival 2011 – Audience Award
Namur Film Festival 2011 – Bayard d’Or
Films from the South 2011 International film festival – Audience Award
Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2011 – Audience Award for the Best Narrative film
7th Pomegranate Film Festival – Audience Choice Award
7th Pomegranate Film Festival – Honourable Mention