Short Films


February 19

It is February 19. The train will depart. Anna and Alex. Years have passed, the day has come for their last meeting. Location; train. City; Yerevan. She is there. He is there. In the train. And the white thin wall.
behind the window

Behind the Window

He, a 10 year old boy sees the beauty through the rumbles of his life. Behind the window, he follows his sensory journey to capture this precious find on film.


The story unfolds in Beirut in 2003. Two couples, two destinies: one spiraling upwards, the other downwards.


Beirut 1976. A surprise party in a shelter. A glimpse into a family whose ties are worn-out by the four walls entrapping them and the deafening sound of their wrecked city.
a place to go

A Place to Go

Ziad leads a life of simple, controlled routine, crunching numbers for an unseen corporation. But when a series of seemingly inconsequential occurrences results in him taking in a small street cat, his strictly maintained sense of order goes out the window.

Beirut My Heart

A woman is devastated and looking for answers after the man she changed her life and moved to Beirut for, leaves her with no reason.


Set in Byblos, an historic town in Lebanon with a prominent Maronite Christian community, a family’s life is turned upside down when their iconic Virgin Mary statue sheds tears.

Derrière Moi les Oliviers

After having lived 10 years in Israel, Mariam and her brother return to their native land in the South of Lebanon. Unfortunately, they feel rejected from their entourage because they are the children of an agent in the “Lahd” army.
blue line

Blue Line

A cow quenches its thirst in a pond located on the Blue Line, the UN-demarcated border between Lebanon and Israel. A UN soldier from the Indian battalion tries to save it, as the cow finds itself at the center of spiraling border tension.